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Uttar Pradesh Shabri Sankalp Yojana

Shabri Sankalp Yojana – The Uttar Pradesh Government has launched the Shabri Sankalp Yojana for the pregnant women (धात्री महिलाओं) of the state. Under this scheme, the state government will provide financial assistance to these feminine women directly into their bank accounts. 

Shabri Sankalp Yojana

This scheme is being implemented in 73,793 Anganbadi Kendras of 29 Janpads of the state. Under this scheme, those poor women have been selected whose lives depend on daily wages. Such women require extra nutrition during pregnancy and they can not even earn wages in her pregnancy days.

Therefore the main motive of this scheme is to eliminate the malnutrition and improving health for such women and their children upto two years. This will also reduce maternal and child mortality rates. In this scheme, the women registered with Anganwadi centers and their children up to two years have been included.

Benefits of Shabri Sankalp Yojana

  • Rs.500 per month will be provided upto 6 months to women during pregnancy.
  • Rs. 500 per month will be provided upto 6 months to women for their children.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Pregnant women should be a permanant resident of Uttar Pradesh.
  • Women should be registered at the nearby Anganbadi Center.
  • Age must minimum 19 Years at the time of Pregnancy.
  • Their delivery must be done in institutional government or private nursing home.

Anganwadi Workers will Get Bonuses

After the benefit of a two year old child in the Sabari Sankalp Yojana, it remains in the general category. It means that the child is free of malnutrition and if the woman is not re-pregnant then the incentive money of 500 rupees will be given to the beneficiary woman and the worker will also be given a bonus of 200 rupees.


How to Apply for Shabri Sankalp Yojana

Those pregnant women who are willing to get the benefits of this scheme will have to fill the application form and submit it to nearby Anganbadi Center. Besides this, they also have to give the declaration made on the application that their husband is not an employee in the center, state and public sector, and the amount given for the use has been spent on the child and the young lady only. If there is an error in this, the department will have the right to take legal action along with the recovery of money.

Shabri Posahan Mobile App

Through this app, necessary information can be obtained for the health and nutrition of children between 0-2 years, 0 to 6 months and from 7 to 24 months. This app also provides proper advice related to the level of health and nutritional status and weight of children according to their age.

Shabri Sankalp Yojana

This app is available for the treatment of hemoglobin levels of pregnant women, lack of blood in the mother’s womb, and their dietary, prenatal screening and care, if there is no lack of blood in women, then proper consultation is available. This app advises on Iron Bullet Dietary Consultation and services available on Village Health Nutrition Day and its usefulness.

Download Shabri Poshan Mobile App


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