Uttar Pradesh Shabari Sankalp Yojana To Make State Malnutrition Free

Shabari Sankalp Yojana

Shabari Sankalp Yojana – The state government of Uttar Pradesh has launched the Shabari Sankalp Yojana to make the state free from malnutrition. Under this scheme, all the children will be free from malnutrition in six months now. The main motive of the state government is to make the district malnutrition free in 6 months.

Shabari Sankalp Yojana
In the meeting organized at Golden Jubilee Auditorium of Development Bhawan Auditorium of District Level Nutrition Committee, DM Pulkit Khare instructed all 58 District Level Officers posted for malnutrition campaign to mark the malnourished children and be admitted to the District Nutrition Center. The District Magistrate said that all officers will visit ANM, ASHA and Anganwadi by visiting their villages on VHND (Village Health Nutrition Day) and recruitment of five highly malnourished children in the village at NRC (Nutrition Rehabilitation Center) on priority Will do.
Benefits of Shabari Sankalp Yojana
  • Free treatment Facility & Daily Assistance of Rs. 100 
The District Magistrate informed that on NRC (Nutrition Rehabilitation Center) the children will be admitted for 14 days. During this treatment, the mother will be given free meals and Rs 100 per day.
  • Children to be Free from Malnutrition
The District Magistrate said that officers should go to villages and talk to the families of malnourished children, especially mothers of children, and inform them about their child’s malnutrition. DM Pulkit Khare said that the officials should contribute on a humanitarian basis in the malnutrition campaign so that more and more children can be freed from malnutrition.


  • Obtain the Information of Malnourished Children
The District Magistrate said that before going to any village, officers should go to the village head, choted and other related information. Find out about the malnourished and highly malnourished children of the village from there.
  • Instructions were Given to District Program Officer
Regarding feeding of red-grade malnourished children, the District Magistrate instructed the District Program Officer not to reduce the feeding of malnourished children below 90 percent per month.
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