Uttar Pradesh Kangaroo Mother Care Yojana to Reduce Infant Mortality Rates

Uttar Pradesh Kangaroo Mother Care Yojana

Uttar Pradesh Kangaroo Mother Care Yojana – The Uttar Pradesh Government has launched the Uttar Pradesh Kangaroo Mother Care Yojana in order to reduce the reduce maternal and infant mortality rates in the state. This scheme will work as a life-saving scheme for the infants who are born prematurely or less than two hundred grams.

Uttar Pradesh Kangaroo Mother Care Yojana

According to statistics, 2 lakh newborns lose their lives every year, in which about 1.5 lakh children die in the first month. Under this scheme, the mothers or servants keep the baby in touch with their breast. By this method, the skin remains directly connected to the skin between the baby and the mother. There are fewer chances of having blood flow infection in baby flow and getting sick again and again. For this, a room has been built in every district hospital where such children are kept.

Uttar Pradesh Kangaroo Mother Care Yojana – Objectives

The main motive of Kangaroo Mother Care Yojana is to reduce maternal and infant mortality in the state and improve health services. There is very bad condition in the state in the matter of maternal and infant mortality rate. For the last ten years, there has been a lot of efforts being made by the National Health Mission in Uttar Pradesh and a new effort Kangaroo Mother Care has been started.

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Highlights of the Scheme

According to the information, with the help of the Central Government, the State Government will establish Kangaroo Mother Care Unit in selected hospitals for the protection of newborns who will be connected to the Special New Born Unit.

Regarding the scheme, Rita Bahuguna Joshi, Minister of State for Women’s Development, said that it has been started in 25 District Women’s Hospital and plans to start it in 75 districts by the end of the year.

Under this, a room is being prepared in every hospital, where children are kept on the chest of the mother or maid until the doctor says that the child is safe now.

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