Uttar Pradesh Kamdhenu Dairy Yojana – उत्तर प्रदेश कामधेनू डेयरी योजना

Uttar Pradesh Kamdhenu Dairy Yojana

Uttar Pradesh Kamdhenu Dairy Yojana  ( 100 Milch cattle / Buffalo) – Uttar Pradesh is one of the states which relies on agriculture. In UP around 68 percent population living in villages and farming, Cattle rearing is the basic sources of livelihood as well as business. UP is a wealthy state in production of Milk that’s why a massive segment of the population is ingrossed in milking.

In the year 2013-14, 241.939 lakh metric tonnes of milk was produced by UP and this cause Uttar Pradesh is on the First rank in milk production across the country. But if we compare per animal production in UP so we will find that per Domestic cows milk production is 2.5 liters but in Haryana and Punjab production ration is double Similarly if we talk about buffalos so each buffalo gives 4.4 liters but the ratio in Haryana and Punjab is double. In both Conditions, Uttar Pradesh Animal Milk production ratio is lower than Punjab and Haryana.


Objectives of Uttar Pradesh Kamdhenu Dairy Yojana

Uttar Pradesh government has taken a drastic step toward reforming in Agriculture and Cattle rearing. In State, there are bulky numbers of cattle but cattle are not in Super and high quality hence Uttar Pradesh Government is going to open 300 Kamdhenu Dairy Units. The intentions of this scheme are that:


1 Ensure the availability and production of the animals of higher production capacity in the state

2 To create Center of Excellence of highly productive milch animals in the Uttar Pradesh.

3 Ensure availability of cattle in future to high-quality animals in the future.

Major Points of Uttar Pradesh Kamdhenu Dairy Yojana


1   Under the Scheme, 100 Milch cow/buffalo Dairy Units will open

2   Under Milch cows category there would only store hybrid jerseys, hybrid of H.F.F and Sahiwal species and in buffalos Moura Breed Buffaloes

3   For settle, a unit of 100 milch cattle, the animal keeper will decide by himself that all animal in a unit will cows or buffalos or both. But it is mandatory to have a single species of cattle in the unit

4   All animals will be purchased by outer side or UP state.

5   For Developing work, at least 2-acre land should have the beneficiary person.

6   The total cost of a unit is Rs. 121.52 lakh, which includes the purchase of 100 milch animals and the creation of cattle houses, granary godowns, dung gas plant, feed mix plant etc.


7  25 percent of the total cost of the unit, as per the amount, will be borne by Rupees 30.38 lakh beneficiaries in the form of margin money and 75% of the remaining amount will be received through a loan of Rs.1.11.14 lakhs.

8   The loan received from the bank by 75 percent of the plan cost or beneficiary, which is less, will be reimbursed by the state government for a period of 5 years (60 months) to the maximum amount of Rs. 32.82 lakh at the rate of 12 percent interest rate.

9 The Animal Husbandry Department is designated  X     as a nodal officer for the scheme whose contact formula 0522-2742879 and email are kamdhenuyojana2015@gmail.com.

Dairy Farm Yojana – डेयरी फार्म व्यवसाय गाय या भैंस किससे शुरुआत करनी चाहिए
The Cost of Uttar Pradesh Kamdhenu Dairy Yojana


1- Capital Expenditure: Purchase of Animals

(100 Milch Animals, 1 Murray Bundy, and Transportation Insurance) Rs. 7868600.00

2- Establishment expenditure:

(Animal house, straw godown, silo pit and other building) Rs 2109000.00

3- Expenditure on equipment

(Power Chef Cutter, Gender Low Feed Mix Plant, Gobar Gas Plant, Jet Pump & Milking Machine etc.) Rs 2174500.00

Total Sum (1 + 2 + 3) Rs 12152100.00

    I.e. Rs 121.52 lakh

Use Some Important Links:

Uttar Pradesh Animals Hub Official Websitehttp://animalhusb.up.nic.in

Complete Detail in Hindi:   http://animalhusb.up.nic.in/Silent%20Features%20Kamdhenu%20Hindi.htm

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