Till now 50 thousand free treatment under Chief Health Security Scheme

Chief Minister Dakraman Singh speaking to the media on Monday regarding  every city in the state health care plan under Chief private and public hospitals.So far 50 thousand people have got free treatment under this scheme. Under the scheme, 30 thousand rupees was being provided free medical treatment. The government has increased its amount.

Process Under Chief Minister Health Security Scheme


  • Safe motherhood plan Plans are very basic about it. District village level Mhtari Express plans to call the 102 number can be called. Pregnant women in the hospital are providing full facilities.
  • Institutional delivery of infant mortality and maternal mortality has decreased. He plans Fulbadhi Anganwadi and malnutrition has decreased immensely. The winter session of the Assembly, he said the opposition will ask the questions we will answer.

Shah workers will recharge

To a question, the Chief Minister said BJP president Amit Shah, now 8 instead arrive on November 9, Raipur. On this occasion he will be with them for eight hours. During the 2018 election would be on. The organization would be. He visited the president will focus on preparations for the polls. On the occasion across the state BJP office bearers, MLAs and ministers will discuss.

PR booth level workers to recharge the main goal is to drive. The party grass root move the achievements of the Centre and the state government will try Jnjn ground to reach. To earn the public’s trust will guide the party national chairman.

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