Saur Ujala Yojana – Earn Money by Installing Solar Panel At Home

Saur Ujala Yojana

Saur Ujala Yojana – These days the demand for solar panels has increased rapidly. The Modi government’s solar power scheme is being adopted by the common man. Banks are also providing loans in easy installments for solar panels. You can also join the scheme and make good income with the convenience of electricity. In such a situation, you also have the opportunity to generate electricity through solar power and sell it. We are telling you how you can sell it by generating electricity and earn money sitting at home.

Saur Ujala Yojana – What to Do?

In order to have a large level solar panel, you must first obtain a license from local power companies. After signing a power purchase agreement with the power companies, the total investment per kilowatt will be Rs 60-80 thousand for the installation of a solar plant. State governments are also offering special offers for this. After this, after selling the plant, you will get money from the per unit rate.

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Saur Ujala Yojana – How to Earn Money?

There is no need of separate place for installing a solar panel. You can make electricity by installing a solar plant on the roof of the house. For this, you can sell electricity by tie up with the power companies.

Power Grid for Additional Electricity

In other states including Madhya Pradesh, facility of selling solar energy has been given. Under this, you can sell the additional electricity generated from the solar power plant to the state government by linking it to the power grid. Instead the government gives you a good amount. The MP government has also kept the incentive scheme for using solar power. It is also being used in government offices. While the Railways has also started the major use of Solar energy here.

Saur Ujala Yojana – How to Purchase Solar Panel?

If you have to buy solar panels, you can contact state government’s Renewable Energy Development Authority. For this, there are offices in major cities of every state. Apart from this, solar panels are also available to private dealers. For this, you will have to first contact the authority for your loan amount. Also for the subsidy, the form will also be received from the authority office.

Saur Ujala Yojana – Roofs will Become Powerhouse

The state government offers special offers from time to time to install small solar plants on roofs of houses with large solar plants. The electricity generated from the solar plant can be done at home up to 500 kW. The 500-odd solar panel operator will not be allowed to trade electricity.

Age of Solar Panel – 25 Years

Solar panels are up to 25 years of age. You will get this electricity from solar energy. Its panel will be installed on your roof. With the help of Central Government, CREDA started this campaign to set up solar power plant in every state. Under this, 40 per cent subsidy is also available on each plant placement. The plant is from one kilowatts to five hundred kilowatts.

Battery Replacement – After 10 Years

There is no maintenance expenditure in solar panel, but they have to change their batteries in 10 years. Solar panels can be easily moved from one place to another. Power consumption of a home needs from a solar power of one kilowatt capacity can be easily run.

Saur Ujala Yojana – Bank Loan

If you do not have a lump sum of 60 thousand rupees for installing solar power plant, you can take a loan from any bank. Finance Ministry has directed all the banks to provide loans for solar power panel. This loan will be easily available through CREDA. Earlier, the banks did not provide loans for the solar plant.

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