Rs. 500 Monthly Assistance to TB Patients for Treatment

Rs. 500 Monthly Assistance to TB Patients for Treatment – India is the place of the largest TB patients in the world. This disease kills about 4.80 lakh Indians annually and more than 1,400 people die every day. In spite of the government’s instructions on mandatory notification of TB cases in India, there are more than one lakh ‘missing’ cases every year (despite the mandatory information of TB cases of most government cases) and mostly in the private sector, diagnosed or ignored and inadequate Diagnosis and treatment are done. The Expenditure Finance Committee (EFC) has sanctioned incentive of 500 rupees per month during the treatment period, despite the level of income of TB Patients 500 Rs Per month for all types of tuberculosis patients. More information is given below.

An official of the Health Ministry has said that the government is planning to give Rs 500 per month to TB patients so that they can buy nutritious food and compensate them for travel expenses. Under the proposal, initially, patients will be given Rs 25 lakhs, even if their income level is low and more. The Expenditure Finance Committee has approved the TB Patients 500 Rupee Per Month Scheme proposal and sent it to the Mission Steering Group, the official said. This initiative is part of the National Strategic Plan for TB eradication, the goal of the Ministry of Health is to eliminate TB by 2025.
“About 2.5 lakh patients suffering from tuberculosis will be given 500 rupees per month soon, the official said, the template will be prepared to provide TB Patients 500 rs per month for patients on the basis of Aadhar card and medical documents. According to the World Health Organization, estimated 28 Lakh cases of TB occur in India every year, out of which 1.7 lakh cases are reported.
The official said, “The goal of the Ministry of Health is to reduce the incidence of TB by 90% by 2025 and reduce the mortality due to illness by 2030, according to the revised National TB Control Program.”
An official said. Dosage is determined according to the body weight of the patient, it was similar to all adults before, besides, children suffering from tuberculosis will not have to take bitter pills because they will be easily replaced with disruption and taste medicines.
Since 1997, under RNTCP, patients were being given medicines three times a week. Daily treatment with at least relapse is likely to be more effective and is expected to reduce drug resistance with greater compliance. WHO revised its TB management guidelines in 2010 and recommended that daily medication should be consumed under RNTCP. According to the Ministry of Health, per capita population was 217 in per person per year in TB, which was 211 in every lakh population in 2016.
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