One Nation One Card Scheme | A Card will Make Your Rent Problems Away

One Nation One Card Scheme

One Nation One Card Scheme – For use in public transport. This card will be used to pay for rent in a variety of means of traffic. This information was given by Amitabh Kant, CEO, Policy Commission.

One Nation One Card Scheme

The CEO said in Future Mobility Summit 2018, a strong traffic system is the backbone of any economic development. This becomes even more important for the developing country like India, which is more important. The purpose of the new system is to motivate the citizens to use public means. For this, it will be the next generation transport system. The facilities will have to be increased and standards must be strictly followed.

Amitabh Kant said that road traffic alone contributes 4 percent to India’s GDP. This traffic is largely dependent on petrol and diesel. Behind the high quality of air quality in the big cities of the country, it is also a big reason for the vehicles being on the road.

Import of petrol and diesel also affects the country’s currency reserves. Policy Committee Adviser Anil Srivastava said in the program, the government is working towards making the traffic system keeping in mind the environment. For this, people should cooperate by sharing the vehicle and abandoning the mindset of own vehicles.

A Card Can be Used to Rent All the Means of Transport

In the scheme being prepared by the policy commission, payment of freight for rail, bus, vessel and other commercial vehicles such as Ola, Uber and other transport can be done through this card. It is believed that after discussions with states, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will start the One Nation One Card Scheme. In order to promote digital transactions, Plan of One Nation One Card will play an important role. It will be on the lines of the debit card, which will have a chip and QR code, which will make payments in just a few moments.

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