Bhoochetana Odisha Soil Health Card Scheme for Farmers

Soil Health Card Scheme

The State Government of Odisha has launched Soil Health Card Scheme for farmers. In this scheme, the government will provide the right information about soil health including essential nutrients. Besides, the state government will also provide financial help to the farmers. This scheme is launched on 09 April 2018. The state government has also named this scheme as Bhoochetana.

According to the scheme, this is an agreement of 3 years on Soil Health Card. Under this agreement, the government will cover around .1 million hectares of agricultural land in 30 districts. With the help of Soil Health Scheme, about 4.35 million farmers will be benefited in Odisha.

Agricultural Department, Odisha and International Crops Research Institute for the Semi-Arid Tropics (ICRISAT) has signed a Memorandum of Agreement for the implementation of this scheme in Odisha. However, the state government of Karnataka also implemented this scheme and got excellent results.

Objective of Odisha Soil Health Card Scheme

The main objection of this scheme is to increase the income source of farmers and productivity of the farmers. Actually, the state government wants to bring green revolution in Odisha.

Odisha Soil Health Card Scheme – Bhoochetana

Under this scheme, the state government will provide information about various aspects of soil to improve the productivity like soil health mapping, essential nutrients. However, this scheme was launched in Karnataka and as per the result, around 4.75 million poor farmers were benefited through this scheme. Besides, the crop production were increased up to 20-66% with the help of soil health scheme.

The government has targeted to cover 6.1 million hectares in 30 districts. In order to achieve this targeted, the government will follow a scientific and innovative approach such as soil analysis, nutrients and other treatment practices. All these information will provide to the farmers which will help to increase the crop productivity in the state.

The government will also improve the basic needs of farmers such as local seed banks, land and water management. The main motto of this scheme is to increase crop productivity in the state.

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