Now Senior citizens will be able to free pilgrimage by plane -Check here

Good news for the senior citizens who are going to the pilgrimage on Devsthan by plane . Absolutely FREE pilgrimage scheme for senior citizens above the age of 70 years has been launched.Application may be made by November 25 under this scheme.

Interested passengers while filling the application must click on the option to traveling by plane or by train during applying.In plane journey associate will not be allowed to take but in the train it is allowed to visit the facility. After selection in the lottery passenger will depart from Udaipur, Jaipur, Jodhpur airport.

Senior citizens while filling the application from must have to select two places of their choice in accordance with the priority application. Applications will be accepted online or through friends centers. Collector district headquarters through the lottery will select passengers.
Government service retiree income earners in the scheme will not be eligible. The day will be according to airline air travel distance.
Amanat earmarked removed
Last year, under plans to be selected in the lottery were submitted to the traveler 5 rupees. At the conclusion of the trip for any reason, return it to go on the trip was a provision of the trust deposited in the state treasury. This time is selected in the lottery will not be required to deposit money to the passenger.
Two pilgrim places increased
Planning began in 2013 pilgrimage. Since then, Vaishno Devi, Amritsar, Gaya, Kashi, Sammedshikr, Bihar Sharif, Puri, Dwarkapuri, Shirdi, Goa, Tirupati, Rameshwaram trip is being provided. This time the government has increased two and a shrine. Patna Sahib Sharavanabelagola seniors will be interested to visit.

Traveling alone to allow assistant
Nishulkyatra scheme persons aged 70 years or more who have applied to travel alone, they will be entitled to take with him his assistant. Supporting the passenger does not have to be relative. Male accessory age 21 to 45 and women’s assistant aged 30 to 45 years will be.
Husband to travel with carry on feature will not be helpful. The application of the spouses will be less than 60 years of age will also be traveling with the applicant.

This year, through the plane
” The facility will provide the passenger above 70 years. This time the two pilgrimage centers and have been enhanced in the plan. The lottery will be choosing.

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