Now Farmers will Get Fertilizers under Direct Benefit Transfer Yojana (DBT)

The government is now preparing to benefit the farmers on the purchase of chemical fertilizers like tools and seeds under DBT (Direct Benefit Transfer) Yojana. So far, the farmers were getting subsidized fertilizer but now the subsidy will be directly credited to their account. Now the farmers have to purchase the fertilizers on full rate and the subsidy will be directly credited into their accounts. According to the district Agriculture Officer, the procedure is running and the preparation of implementing this is being made.

Around five lakh farmers in the district are involved in farming. About 25 thousand metric ton DAP, 1.5 lakh metric ton urea and 75 thousand metric ton NPK fertilizers are being used every year for the Kharif, Rabi and Zayed crops.

Nearly 30 thousand metric tons of potash and other fertilizers are consumed. Currently,  most farmers rely on chemical fertilizers because of the shortage of organic fertilizers and compost fertilizer. In order to produce more crops, farmers demand different chemical fertilizers.

Agricultural expert Dr. Upendra Nath Singh said that the farmers should give more emphasis on the use of organic fertilizers and compost fertilizers for the conservation of soil. This will prevent black marketing of the fertilizers. There is often the fertilizers do not get by the farmers on time because of its black marketing. In this, the farmers have to register online for the fertilizer and they will be provided subsidy directly into their account and this will also avoid black marketing.

The cost of subsidies and estimated spending on chemical fertilizers:

FertilizerPrice (Rs)Subsidy

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