Punjab Mahatma Gandhi Sarbat Vikas Yojana (MGSVY)

Punjab Mahatma Gandhi Sarbat Vikas Yojana (MGSVY)

Punjab Mahatma Gandhi Sarbat Vikas Yojana (MGSVY) – The State Government of Punjab led by the Hon’ble Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh has come up with a new scheme named Punjab Mahatma Gandhi Sarbat Vikas Yojana (MGSVY) scheme for the welfare of the downtrodden citizen throughout the state. According to the released notification, this scheme will be implemented in the state’s rural areas. Besides this, this scheme will be based on the line of Antyodaya principles. Antyodaya’ means the “rise of the last person”

Objectives of Mahatma Gandhi Sarbat Vikas Yojana (MGSVY)

The main motive of the state government behind launching this scheme is to identify the poor and distressed households which have been deprived of the benefits of the various welfare schemes launched by the state government.

Punjab Mahatma Gandhi Sarbat Vikas Yojana (MGSVY)

Apart from this, a total number of 18 marginalized sections who are living in rural areas in Punjab State will be benefitted under his scheme. Besides this, it will mainly focus on encouraging voluntary organizations, various civil society organizations, Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) and other socially committed persons for the contribution to the welfare of the downtrodden.

The motto of the Punjab Mahatma Gandhi Sarbat Vikas Yojana (MGSVY) is to provide the benefit of welfare schemes for debt-stressed farmers, poor families that have a woman as sole bread earner, families of AIDS patients, out-of-school children, martyred soldiers, differently-abled, abandoned old persons, drug addicts among others.

Apart from this, there will be no financial implication under the scheme. The state government will also ensure that the benefits of its various welfare programmes are availed by the rural poor.

Giving information about the scheme, Assistant Commissioner Dr. Poonampreet Kaur told that in the beginning, we have selected rural areas.
By seeking the applicants in the villages and fulfilling the formalities of these schemes, they will try to provide the benefits within 30 days. For this, a committee of three members will work in a village, in which a Guardian of the Gervais is given training. The second Panchayat Secretary and the third social worker will be involved in that village.
Eligibility Criteria for Punjab Mahatma Gandhi Sarbat Vikas Yojana (MGSVY)
  • The farmer who committed suicide due to debt.
  • The family whose earning member has died and the household expenses are running.
  • A family member whose family is suffering from a disease such as AIDS or cancer.
  • The family of a soldier who is passing through financial hardship after his martyrdom.
  • Whose children do not go to school
  • Freedom fighters family
  • Families with homeless.
  • The person suffering from intoxication.
  • Families suffering from natural disaster.
  • Unemployed people aged above 18 years
  • Orphaned, Third Gender and Beggar
  • Home-born parents
  • Acid sufferers

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