M-Shiksha Mitra Mobile App – Attendance Monitoring of Teachers & Students in MP Schools

M-Shiksha Mitra Mobile App

M-Shiksha Mitra Mobile App – The State Government of Madhya Pradesh led by the Hon’ble Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh Mr. Shivraj Singh Chauhan has launched various government schemes for providing benefits to the people of the state. Various schemes are being introduced in the state for the welfare of the state and its people.

M-Shiksha Mitra Mobile App

In order to maintain the presence of employees and teachers. The attendance of the children will be lodged online through the “M-Shiksha Mitra Mobile App” from April 1. Also on the basis of the presence of children, online mid-day meals will also be monitored. In this regard, connection, instructions have been given through Videoconferencing that all the packages Principal, BRC, BIO and Janashikshak update the mobile number of their subordinate employee on the portal in a timely manner.

“M-Shiksha Mitra Mobile App” To register online presence of teachers daily, registering all holidays and casual leave daily, cycling mapping, recording work of SMS, entering information about talent pool, Updating the e-service book by the employees themselves, entering school inspection, entering daily attendance of students and going for mid day meals Kari will fill feature. Daily information will be updated daily through the mobile app.

MP CM Helpline Portal – Online Complaint Registration 

In “M-Shiksha Mitra Mobile App” has been launched. Under this, all the teachers of MP should make changes as follows.

  • It is also mandatory for teachers to have an Android phone.
  • This particular mobile app should be downloaded to every phone.
  • The mobile phone’s GPS should be activated.

The education department is receiving complaints that most of the teachers remain missing from the school. Being absent in school time, they are doing private work. The department wants to take help of M-Siksha Mitra to repair this impasse. According to the officials, the system will be on track. Teachers who remain missing from the school will be able to trace easily with the help of the app. Before the M-learning friend app, the department has implemented the e-Attendance scheme.

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