Kerala Insurance Scheme for Migrant Labourers

Insurance Scheme for Migrant Labourers

The Kerala State Government has announced a new Insurance Scheme for Migrant Labourers in Kerala. More than 25 lakh migrant laborers of the state are covered under this scheme.

Details of Insurance Scheme for Migrant

  • Under this Insurance scheme, the state government registers all migrant workers for this insurance scheme and provide them safety and security. In the survey of 2013, estimated more than 2.5 million Labourers are working in Kerala state from various part of the country.
  • In today those numbers are even higher and increasing day by day. Near about 10% of all the migrant laborers have criminal records in their home states and that is repeated here. This scheme helps to register all the migrant laborers and helps to identify the record of registered workers easily.
  • This scheme also works as a proper registration program of migrant laborers for the Kerala government.

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Objectives of the Scheme

  • The main motto of the scheme is to enroll Migrant Labourers in this insurance scheme. So, the government will have details information about the workers. The Kerala government also plans to provide basic amenities to the migrant laborers as they are part of Kerala society. In the basic amenities, government provide special medical camps & basic sanitation facilities at labor camps
  • The main objective of the scheme is to enroll Migrant Labourers in Kerala under this scheme. So, government will have detail information about the workers

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Benefits of the Scheme

  • Under this scheme, government register all migrant workers for insurance and provide them insurance cards
  • Benefits of proper registration of more than 25 lack migrant laborers in the database
  • This insurance protects more than 2.5 million (25 lack) Labourers in Kerala

Features of the Scheme

  • The state government of Kerala has announced new insurance scheme for Migrant Labourers in Kerala
  • This scheme covers more than 2.5 million migrant labourers in Kerala mostly from West Bengal, Bihar and the northeast states of the country
  • Proper registration of all these laborers since the state does not have any proper registration program

Eligibility Criteria

  • Applicant should be Migrant Labourers in Kerala

Required Documents

  • Identity card such as Aadhaar card
  • Migrant certificate

Important Links

Kerala Labour and Rehabilitation Department

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