Jharkhand Mukhya Mantri Smart Gram Yojana

Jharkhand Mukhyamantri Smart Gram Yojana
The Jharkhand Government is going to launch the ‘Mukhya Mantri Smart Gram Yojana’ to show the catalyzed technique development in the rural areas. The village will be selected on the basis of information technology, renewable energy, agriculture and e-governance.

– Villagers who live here will be provided with modern facilities so that their lives could be better. Under the pilot project, the government has decided to select 5 villages.
– 4 Villages has been selected in this. In order to include a village, head, resident or committee of the related village can apply to the Department of Rural Development, 12th Jan.
Learning Center will be smart, Facilities will be provided in Panchayat Buildings:
– Under Mukhya Mantri Smart Gram Yojana, the learning Centers of the selected villages will be made smart.
– Most of the work will be paperless in the Panchayat secretariat.
– The agriculture will be created for the benefit of farmers by using cutting-edge technology. Funding for this scheme will be arranged separately by the government.
News Source: http://www.bhaskar.com/news/c-m-181-cm-smart-village-scheme-in-jharkhand-NOR.html

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  1. respected sir it is nice to hear smart gram yojna .making digitization and basic amenity is excellent .there is one opinion from my side kindly incorporate future aspect socio economic and cultural keeping in mind time factor .like economic freedom concept , beautifying theory ,so that living life standards can be improve ,not merely only project ,there is a difference between mother made and hotel made food difference !

    Thanks and regards
    amar jeet verma

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