Jharkhand Digital Vehicle Pass Scheme – Digital Vehicle Pass For Entry

Jharkhand Digital Vehicle Pass Scheme
Jharkhand Digital Vehicle Pass Scheme – For the entry of four-wheelers in the plant in Jharkhand, the cell officers will now have to use digital passes for which the state government has started the “Jharkhand Digital Vehicle Pass Scheme“. Only then will they be allowed to move to the plant. All departmental procedures have been completed for this. From January 12, the scheme will be launched on the ground in BSL.

Jharkhand Digital Vehicle Pass Scheme
In the first phase, in addition to the executives of SAIL, BPSCL, Farrow Scrap, the well-known private company, which has taken long-term work order in the plant. They will be allocated a digital vehicle pass. Later, non-tribal employees entitled to four wheelers who work in the cell will also be in the jurisdiction of this rule. It is said that Bokaro Steel Plant has movement of more than four thousand four-wheeler vehicles daily.
These are also the people of the private company with the cellar. In this case, it is very difficult for the CISF to be deployed in the safety of the plant so that they can see the identity card of each vehicle operator. To overcome this problem, the management has decided to give digital passports to such drivers. Which will be in front of their vehicle. The CISF will recognize this passage by identifying that the said vehicle is for the arrival in the plant.
Details of Jharkhand Digital Vehicle Pass Scheme
The digitized pass will be allocated by the CISF in the pass section from January 12 to the working day. Where the officers of the cell can get their passesby and get the said vehicle near free of charge. Once removed from the vehicle’s mirror, it can not be placed on another vehicle. Near the people of SAIL, the number of officers, vehicle number, registration number, validity date, staff number and time code will be recorded.
Sources say that in order to issue this pass to the cell officials, the management had asked them to give detailed details of four-wheeler vehicle on the intranet of BSL online. In it, about eight hundred officers from just 22 hundred have given their vehicle details. In such a situation, only the officer will be given a digital vehicle at the moment. Whose vehicle details are present with the management.
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