Indian BPO Promotion Scheme Largest National Data Centre in Bhopal

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Indian BPO Promotion Scheme – The Central Government is planning to expand its Indian BPO Promotion Scheme to one lakh seats. Besides this, the government has also planned to set up India’s largest National data center in Bhopal. This information was given by the IT minister Ravi Shankar Prasad. He said that the government wants to make India a hub for BPO movement. 

Indian BPO Promotion Scheme

Under the Indian BPO Promotion Scheme, the Indian Government is going to increase the capacity from 48,000 Seats to 1 Lakh Seats. The Central Government has launched this scheme not only for creating new job opportunities but also for ensuring that people in smaller towns find employment closer home and this scheme has also done so.

The Central Government is going to start BPOs soon in smaller cities like Gaya and Gazipur. The BPOs are already running in Guwahati, Muzaffarpur, Patna and other places in all 91 in 27 States. Therefore, the efforts of the central government is that youth should find employment near their cities and towns, have materialized.

The Minister informed that sanction of 31,732 seats for BPO units operating from smaller towns has created new employment avenues with the potential to offer nearly 2 lakh direct and indirect jobs to youth under India BPO promotion scheme and North East BPO promotion scheme.

Minister further stated that the fifth ‘National Data Centre’ – the largest of such centers – will come up in Bhopal with a capacity of five lakh virtual servers.

Indian BPO Promotion Scheme – भारत बीपीओ संवर्धन योजना – Apply for 53,300 BPO Jobs |

The National Data Centres which host government websites, services and apps are presently operational at four locations – Pune, Hyderabad, Delhi and Bhubaneswar.

Last month, the government also inaugurated the cloud-enabled National Data Centre in Bubaneswar, which is spread over 40,000 square feet.

Minister said that a total number of 1.23 crore rural adults have been provided training so far under Pradhan Mantri Digital Saksharta Abhiyan which includes 63 lakh candidates who have already received their certification.

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