Himachal Pradesh MAA Yojana – Mother’s Absolute Affection Scheme

Himachal Pradesh MAA Yojana

Himachal Pradesh MAA Yojana – The Himachal Pradesh Government has launched a new scheme for the pregnant and lactating women of the state under the name of MAA Yojana (Mother’s Absolute Affection Scheme). It is necessary for the health of a newborn baby to take Mother’s Milk in the first hour of birth and exclusive breastfeeding for first 6 months. The Himachal Pradesh MAA Yojana 2018 under National Health Mission will create awareness among the people and this breastfeeding programme will also reduce under 5 mortality rate of children.

Under this scheme, breastfeeding information will be given to all pregnant women. At the same time, they will be told about the benefits of breastfeeding and not the loss of breastfeeding. Also, we will tell you that the Asha Workers, Ayurvedic Doctors and Anganwadi workers will be associated with this scheme. The main purpose of the mother plan is to prevent the death rate of children under 5 years of age. In the past few years, it has been found that 13% of the deaths of children in Himachal Pradesh are due to the mother being deprived of breastfeeding.

According to the reports, about 13% of children death occurs due to poor breastfeeding. This MAA Yojana will make a suitable eco-system to provide proper info. to mothers, husbands and other family members.

Himachal Pradesh MAA Yojana Components

    • Creating Awareness amount the people
    • This scheme will strengthen the inter personal communication through ASHA.
    • It will provide Skilled support for breastfeeding at delivery points in public health services.
    • Monitoring and Award/recognition.

The Breastfeeding is helpful in creating a special bond between baby and mother. Mother’s milk also develops behavior, speech, security and how the child relates to other people.

Highlights of Himachal Pradesh MAA Yojana

According to the official data, the early breastfeeding will prevent 20% newborn deaths and 13% under 5 children deaths.

This scheme will include the allopathic, doctors, Ayush Doctors, Auxiliary Nurse Midwives (ANMs), Anganwadi Workers (AWs) for the implementation of proper breastfeeding.

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