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Haryana 7 Star Rainbow Scheme

Haryana 7 Star Rainbow Scheme – The Haryana Government has launched a new scheme for the development of the villages of the state. The name of this scheme is Haryana 7 Star Rainbow Scheme. The main motive of the state government behind launching this scheme is to improvise the working of Gram Panchayats in Haryana. The Development & Panchayats Deptt has planned for Grading / Ranking the Gram Panchayats. With a view to scale up the coverage of the ranking exercise and encourage GPs to actively implement the schemes in a timely and innovative manner, Development &Panchayats department proposes to conduct an Inter-district verification to award star rating amongst 6203 GPs (Gram Panchayats) based on specific parameters.

Haryana 7 Star Rainbow Scheme

Best performing selected Gram Panchayats from each district will be identified in a systematic manner, as given below, and will be Awarded and Incentivized. Such GPs will be recognized as “Indradhanush Gram Panchayats” who scores maximum in all parameters. The nominations for awards will be invited online as per the timelines fixed by Department of Development & Panchayats, Haryana.

Haryana 7 Star Rainbow Scheme – 7 Categories

Star GP Status will be given on the basis of performance on below mentioned Seven categories

  1. Male/ Female Sex Ratio (equal or more)
  2. Education (Dropouts) (Zero dropouts or Minimum dropouts)
  3. Hygiene /Serenity
  4. Peace & Harmony (No litigation or Minimum litigation)
  5. Environment Preservation
  6. Good Governance
  7. Social Participation

Haryana 7 Star Rainbow Scheme

The main objective of instituting this award is to strengthen the institution of GPs and to highlight it as an institution of decision making and making their Gram Panchayat proud. This includes the economic & social development of Gram Panchayat in a transparent way through participative democracy offering equal opportunity to all citizens including the poor, women & other marginalized sections of society.

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