Hamsafar Car Pool Yojana | Ambala to Delhi, Chandigarh, Kaithal, Kurukshetra at Govt Fare

Hamsafar Car Pool Yojana

Hamsafar Car Pool Yojana – A Private Company of Ambala is going to launch a Car Pool Scheme with the collaboration of state government. The name of this scheme is “Hamsafar Car Pool Yojana”. Under this scheme, people of Ambala can travel from Ambala to Chandigarh, Ambala to Delhi, Ambala to Kurukshetra and Ambala to Kaithal by car at government fare. The special thing about this scheme is that it will be completely legal.

Hamsafar Car Pool Yojana

Under this scheme, all the information will be uploaded to an App through which people can travel to their destination at government fare. Currently, this scheme is running in Pipli and it will also be started in Ambala and Panchkula very soon.

What is Hamsafar Car Pool Yojana?

Suppose that if a person is going to Delhi in his personal car. The company officer will contact the car driver and will send the passengers along with him according to the available vacant seats in the car. These passengers will be charged according to the official rates. The fare taken from the passengers will also be given to the car driver only. By which the car driver will also reach its destination and in this case, the time and money of the passengers, including environmental protection, fuel savings, reduce traffic on the roads, will also be saved.

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Hamsafar Car Pool Yojana – Government Fare Details

Ambala to Kurukshetra Rs. 50

Ambala to Delhi – Rs. 250,

Ambala to Chandigarh – Rs. 60

Ambala to Kaithal – Rs. 70

Note – 20 rupees from the passenger fare will also be given to the Red Cross.

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