Government Brings Smart Meters for Stop Electricity Theft

Haryana Smart Electricity Meters

The government is going to bring new Smart Meters to prevent theft of electricity in the country. Mostly people are using LED bulb. After delivering the LED bulb, the next mission of the government is to bring Smart Meters.

The government will create 25 crore meters in the country within next four for five years. With this effort of the government, a big market for Smart Meters will be created in the country, which will not only bring income source but also in providing employment.

This information was given by Power, Coal, Renewable and Mining Minister Piyush Goyal in a meeting with prominent investors of Great Britain at the London Stock Exchange.

Goyal said that due to the efforts of the government, LEDs in India within three years. Prices of bulbs have come down by 85 per cent. This story will now be repeated in the smart meter. We want the nation’s citizens to get smart meters for just Rs 1000. This is possible because here we will need 25 crore smart meters together.

The government’s plan is to install Smart Meters in every home. This facility will be provided on behalf of the Government on the basis of subsidy on the basis of the poverty line.

The government will also provide a facility for those people who want to take it on monthly installment, a special scheme will be introduced.

Under this, every middle-class family can take it on an installment of about Rs. 100 per month. Goyal said that by 2019 every general bulb of the country will be changed to LED.

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