Government to Launch M-Transport App for Free Driving Tomorrow


M-Transport App – Soon the residents of Delhi will be able to drive free their vehicle without the license (Driving License) and registration certificate (RC).

M-Transport App

On Wednesday, the government will launch the M-Transport App. With its help, you will be able to keep all required document in form of digital copy. Traffic police asked for the digital copy will be considered valid. According to the official, this M Transport App will be launched at least in two states Telangana and Delhi.

Transportation and IT Ministry is going to launch this system on Wednesday. In this, M Transport App you can keep your Driving Licence, registration paper, vehicle insurance and scanned copy of pollution certificate in your mobile phone. According to the NIC, the interfaces and feature of this will be better than ever RTA Wallet which was launched by the Telangana government.

M-Transport App will Provide 20 to 30 Service

According to a senior official of the NIC in the M transport app will contain all the information relating to transport. This renewal of the license, such as 20 to 30 different users can take advantage of service. According to the official data the app related securities was the greatest difficulty. But this app has everything taken care of.

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