Delhi Govt. Approved Central’s Health Scheme

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Delhi Govt. Approved Central’s Health Scheme – The Delhi Government has given primary clearance to the Directorate General of Health Services to implement the world’s largest healthcare scheme to provide free medical care in the capital. After this, the departmental officials are ready for further preparations. It is hoped that the Delhi government will sign an agreement with the Center within two to three days. After this, the way of implementing this scheme in Delhi will also be clear.

It is noteworthy that the Delhi government has not yet agreed on the proposal sent by the Central Government to implement this scheme in the capital but has not even openly opposed it. Officials had made the proposal before the government by assessing the benefits to the people here in the event of implementation of the scheme.

It is being informed that the Delhi Government wants some changes in this scheme. Because of this, the decision on the scheme is delayed. According to the Directorate, it is time to decide on June 29 and the government has decided to implement this insurance scheme in Delhi.

Directorate General Officer said that according to the existing provisions, 20 lakh people will be able to get health insurance upto five lakh rupees if this scheme is implemented. The Delhi Government wants that food security card has been issued to 17 lakh families in the capital. They get the benefit of this insurance scheme. This will cover about eight lakh people in Delhi under this insurance scheme.

The central government has given assurance to consider it. Departmental officials say that the government has asked Delhi to implement this scheme. Therefore, it is expected that by June 29, the Delhi Government will also sign an agreement with the Central Government.

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